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It Should be Possible To Do Magic and Create other forms of Matter.


Last Edited: September 25, 2010, 3:59 am

i didnt know that, atoms and elements didnt exist in the early ages of the universe, but as the universe began to cool down particles began uniting and forming elements and atoms....If this true, then other conditions or temperatures or other form of energy should create atoms and elements to separate or unite to other elements or make some particles unite with other particles creating a different universe or a different form of matter, like magic and stuff like that...

Something Funny: They made a movie about Facebook founder his history and: NO ONE has made a movie about: Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein a big block buster movie....Or a movie about Enrico Fermin or Faraday, or Copernicus, or Aristotle, or Edison, or Mathematicians or Stanley Miller, ect, ect...

Can someone please email forward this to Every country in the world and to the Global Association of Scientists and the respective authorities for i am very busy, thanks....

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