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"Clinton Legacy: The Cost of Real Corruption


Last Edited: October 24, 2005, 9:08 am

The following article "Clinton Legacy: The Cost of Real Corruption" is particularly telling of treasonous conduct of Clinton(s) while in office which the minions in their administration are engaging in mammoth CYA (which may extend to the CIA as outlined in a previous post) in both the 9-11 hearings, suppressing "Able-Danger," plus Clinton's treasonous actions in abetting China's rise as a global superpower in exchange for $$$$$$.  Upper link "High Treason .." provides dates, actions where Clinton against advice signed executive waivers to sell the Chinese classified technology.  Some like to Blame Bush 41, but the timeline will clearly show it was Clinton(s) actions.  Second link "Political Winds ..." outlines both Clintons' communist political underpinnings.  In reading that you will see how communism has been renamed "Progressive Socialism" to make it more merchandisable to the general public, however it remains the same old retread it's always been, just sent to a makeover artist for revamping.  Reading "Political Winds ..." you might begin to find traces of a crumb trail to 9-11 .......     

"The DSL (DownsideLegacy.. alamo-girl.com) is a reference tool for research & education formatted as links to various groupings. Most entries are quotations/transcripts from sourced news articles, congressional records, & press releases.

"Clinton Legacy: The Cost of Real Corruption

by Christopher Adamo


From the moment of Tom Delay’s indictment, liberal grandstanding has been relentless. Its most notable mouthpieces, led by the ever-shrill House Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, characterized the indictment as solid proof of a “culture of corruption” among the Republicans.

Similar Democrat caterwauling greets each new suggestion that some high-ranking Republican might have “outed” Valerie Plame as a covert CIA operative. The left virtually salivates at the possibility that Presidential adviser Karl Rove could be the “fall guy,” despite the inarguable fact that Plame was neither covert, nor was her CIA status a secret at the time her name was disclosed.

Not wanting to end up on the wrong side of these controversies, conservatives are reserving judgment on Delay and Rove, awaiting the official outcome of the judicial charades that must now follow. Unfortunately, their reluctance to directly confront such deception will only be perceived as weakness.

Such restrained behavior may once again do more harm than good in a political climate where the law is increasingly invoked, not as a guardian of justice, but as a weapon by which the powerful can dominate the weak.

For more than a decade, political posturing and “spin,” long a means of supplanting uncomfortable facts with glib soundbites, has become the primary tactic of the political left. To date nobody has engaged in such behavior more perniciously than former President Bill Clinton, abetted (and perhaps driven) by his wife Hillary.

In a newly released book “My FBI,” former director Louis Freeh outlines the incessant sleaze and scandal that ensued from the moment the Clintons ascended to power. Yet even Freeh’s accounts, despicable though they are, pale in comparison to the worst betrayals of the country by the Clinton Administration.

Some international events of this past week, if taken in their proper context, reveal the frightening truth of just how egregiously America’s security, and indeed its very future, was deliberately compromised by the Clintons.

For the second time in two years, China launched a manned space vehicle, this time carrying two Chinese astronauts, into space and retrieved it safely on the plains of Mongolia. This mission would have been impossible for the Chinese, had crucial technology not been given to them by such corporations as Loral Space Systems, with the blessing and enabling of the Clinton White House.

Predictably, the Chinese space program is thoroughly politicized and ambitious, with stated goals of a Chinese space station and manned moon landing by 2010. Whether or not the date slips, China clearly poses a far greater technological threat than it otherwise would have, without the collaboration of the Clintons.

China is fighting a new “Cold War,” borne up by American dollars, which it fully intends to win. This time however, the administration of President Bill Clinton played the same role as did the Rosenbergs in the last one.

Just as the infamous couple delivered critical nuclear technology to the Soviets in the late 1940’s, the Clintons sold critical missile technology to the Communist Chinese in return for campaign contributions, the dubious nature of which vastly eclipses any accusation against Delay from even his most wild-eyed critics.

Counting on the technical ignorance of the “X-Box” generation, Clinton dismissed the horrendous technology transfers as merely benefiting “commercial satellite technology.” But as any marginally savvy space enthusiast knows, the technology required to orbit a satellite is identical to that necessary to hurl a Chinese nuclear warhead into the American heartland.

It is unclear whether America should return to the moon and thus reestablish space supremacy, or simply pursue technology on the home front and, in regards to space feats, rest on its laurels from the 1960’s. In any case, the only unacceptable course is to return the country to those leftists who originally fomented the crisis.

In the wake of September 11, Clinton’s treacherous dealings with the Communist Chinese were shoved from the limelight. But even in the aftermath of that horrendous event, the sordid fingerprints of the Clintons were once again apparent, thwarting efforts to truly understand how such a thing could have transpired.

With Jamie Gorelick working from the “inside” and Sandy Berger on the “outside,” the 9-11 commission was capably prevented from identifying the culpability of the Clinton White House in leaving America vulnerable to attack.

More than four years after leaving office, the Clinton political machine continues to seriously endanger the interests of the nation. Yet Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats remain steadfastly unaware of any “culture of corruption” here.

And America has only begun to pay the price.


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