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Something that is Concerning About the Human Race...


Last Edited: September 30, 2010, 2:49 am

Guys, pick3 it picks: 3 numbers out of: 10 actually 9 so it selects: 3 numbers and 6 numbers are left out...you could even use compressed numbers and it will be a: Pick3/5...Pick3 out of 5...

Pick3 is played ALL OVER THE WORLD...And i´ve NEVER heard of anyone betting: $200 dollars on Pick3 and winning: $100,000 dollars...Pick3 is just, 1 challenge...

Tell me how is the world going to survive when androids or the Movie: I robot becomes a reality you know terminator movie and stuff...

and a message to women of the USA who are fighting for Change to see women: Empowerment...There was a new chapter since: 1962 or 1956 forgot the time...YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN THIS PLANET FOR: AT LEAST: 100 MILLLION YEARSSSS....You are going to see all kinds of women presidents and governors, ect...Is only been 40 years...Civilzation only has: 5,000 years...That gender gap you are going to see it change...100 MILLION YEARS....LOL...take it easy...You are going to even see Midget presidents, racoons been presidents...Sounds funny but: 100 MILLION YEARS???

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