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Remember the $24 Billion dollars USA spend on Organic Food & $40 Billion Saudi Arabia spent, ect


Last Edited: October 1, 2010, 5:54 pm


Remember the $24 Billion dollarsAmericans Spend on Organic Food EVERY YEAR & $40 Billion dollars Saudi Arabia foolishly spent, and $40 Billion dollars that Venezuela foolishly spent, ect....Well they or 1 country OR SOMEONE could had taken a couple of billions and create a COMPANY THAT focus on research to find the pill to make you lose weight WHILE YOU SLEEP....

you spend: 8 hours PER DAY SLEEPING, NO WORK OUT LAST 8 HOURS...

Remember this???


$1 billion or $2 Billion dollars, or $3 Billion or $4 Billion or $5 Billions or whatever could had been used to research that pill....

Also, Remember this?????


It produces: $730 Billion dollars a year of: aggregate money...The, 50% that they takel should be another: $730 Billion dollars, whether they take it from the aggregate or 50% i am sure they could had taken: $3 Billion dollars a ONE TIME THING, and use it towards, Creating the company that will come up with the pill that will help you lose weight while you sleep....

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