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Some ideas & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: October 2, 2010, 3:21 am

I partly owe this idea to a former model chick that looks like: Heidi Klum the model well i think is her, her name was hemingway came on CNN....Anyways, she gave me an idea....There are people who are too busy, they might be VIP or work for a company and have to do a presentations, they might be, CEO´s people who are too busy who cant read a book, but they have to read a book for whatever reason...Why not create a company of people like teens and homeless who read any library book and the VIP/CEO pays the price of the book and watches someone explain to him what the book was on TV, may last, 1 hour or 30 minutes...Well he might have to pay a fee more for the service...Is a lot better....Reading a book is wonderful but if you are too busy you will take: 3 hours or 2 hours everyday for 1 week or 2 weeks....Time you could had spent, working out SPECIALLY IF YOU ARE TOO BUSY....A book may cost: $8 but he spends: $12 or $15 dollars....Is just like paying for a hardcover...you know a book cost more if is hardcover....

Great Idea, Coffe with Tea: Why not mix them up in 1 cup, you know there is late right, why not prepare tea in a tea bag then pour instant coffe on it, then milk....Tea is cheap anyways...And you get the benefits of Tea and Coffe....I owe this idea to my grandmother....

Gym in a bus or airplane: One of the reasons i hate airplanes is because you ride for: 3-18 hours doing nothing..Why not create a gym in an airplane....Dude is sad riding in an airplane because i am not talking to the person next to me, what kind of fun is that...The same is with buses...Some people ride the bus for: 40 minutes or 1 hour EVERY SINGLE DAY...And everyone walks so somber...Some people ride the bus for: 3 hours...1 hour and 30 minutes going and 1:30 minutes coming like to work...EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES FOR: 30 OR 40 YEARS...MANY PEOPLE CANT STAND STANDING or SITTING STILL...MANY PEOPLE DO TO....Why not have a 1 bus where you can work out, you pay extra for that bus...Dude is pathetic...Try telling someone something sitting next to you and you feel like saying: i am sorry didnt meant to press on your cut do you want a band aid....Maybe having on each seat something that you pull at, or a stick something that you push down or a biceps curl, or something that you stomp on the floor putting recistance [isnt that by bicicle is]....The same thing with an: AIRPLANE...you pay extra....100% of flights are boring.....and you listen to music....I owe this to the airline where flight attendants began dancing...It happened today.....Do you want to LOSE WEIGHT, do you want to lower your blood pressure, do you want to lower your sugar, do you want to slow down the progression of an ailment/disease, ect, ect...And the windows of this bus are tinted so nobody can look inside...

Why not do this Instead: Need hot water instead of having something that warms up your water every everytime you need it...Why doesnt the neighboorhood creates a: Neighboorhood Water Reservoir that has a: caldron underneath it warming it everysecond and when someone needs hot water it gets send to them through the pipes...it consumes the same amount of heat, i would think so..Except that you will always have hot water and dont have to wait for the water to warm up....Plus there is less risk in case of something catching fire....And the neighborhood who has the system foot the bill for the heating of the water...Try taking a, HOT SHOWER EVERYDAY FOR 2 HOURS...See the heating bill or hot water bill at the end of the month....

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