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my plan to astral travel through time and space to help me win


ok read a post about asking for the numbers for pick 3.

i have thought about similar plans but using astral travel to deliver my lucky numbers to myself ; yesterday.

here is the plan.



before going ot bed always check the results., and memorise the numbers for later

when i go to sleep, and feel my mind starting to get between the waking stage and sleep , i start to meditate.

i visualise a ring, over my head. it moves down my skull, i can feel it press against the scalp, over forehead, eyes and ears, nose and mouth.

chin, then shrinking to  stay pressed against my neck. over shoulders  down upper arms, over nipples and sternum. over belly, down to hips and plevis. over butt and unmentionables. down thighs ,knees, shin and calf. finally over ankles, over back and sole of foot, and last touching ea, toe.


now i have meditated, i visualise my mental  self raise above myself laying in bed. and i float upto the roof.

now i practice swapping bodies, looking down on myself, i instantly switch to my body looking up mentally at myself floating above.

after i get used to that,. i take my mental self; unconnected to the realities of time and space thru the roof. and hover over the house.

its dark out, maybe its raining, i can feel the chill wind and icy water pass thru my immaterial being.

now its time for some travel


i raise up to hover about  100 ft above the house and think about how fast the earth spins., its some where 1000Mph at the equator.

if i was to un fix myself to the location of the house and stay relative to the space i occupy in space the house would fly away towards sunrise. at blinding speed. i try it and whoosh the house is gone, im miles away. so i freeze the earth moving. and instead i use my will, on the alternate reality i control, to make the earth move back towards  me.


if you have followed me this far, try a little practice, make the earth fly along at its natural speed away from you. then stop it and bring it back. make it move backwards, away from you in the other direction.now you are over the next town.  but you are always connected to your body and can instantly transport yourself back to known territory by thinking you are there.


now its time to gain altitude, say 100 miles up. and practice the same thing again but this time with yourself unfixed to the earth.

the earth moves around 100 000 miles per hour around the sun, so watch it fly off into the distance.

now stop it , and bring it back. see that it is spinning the wrong way now, send it off backwards in time in the opposite direction, but this time follow it and see your house disappear into to the sun, and keep following the earth, until backwards your house comes all the way around back into darkness.


you have sent the earth backwards in time a whole day, now its time to return to your self. laying in bed.

float down, pass thru the roof. and imagine there are golden numbers representing the numbers of the lotto draw. drop them one at a time onto your sleeping bodies head. and see them vanish as they pass thru you other sleeping body. in the order they were drawn.


now its time to return to space, and match your mind and body back in real time. spin the earth forward, follow it, see your house disappear into the sun and quiclky come around back to darkness below you.


retunr thru the roof and as you float down to your body, imagine seeing yourself floating down, and swap from mind to body several times.

now its time to sleep, and hope to dream of golden numbers falling in your dreams.



i usually fall asleep before i even get close to finnishing the ritual, but its a practise i want to get used to doing on a regular basis.

Entry #6


konaneComment by konane - October 5, 2010, 7:50 pm
Interesting method, thanks for posting it. Hope it works and you nail a huge jackpot using it! Good luck!
savagegooseComment by savagegoose - October 7, 2010, 8:13 am
i have changed the ending. a little. also when dropping the gold numbers imagine them landing on the bed around your sleeping head.
drop numbers a few times and finally , imagine there is treasure chest nest to you, and finally drop the numbers in there. also if there is a power ball number make it a glowing red ruby colored number to differentiate form the gold numbers.

finally after you are back to original self, just imagine for a while all the numbers from 1-59 or what ever is the last number in your game falling as you sleep one at a time. imagine them as clear almost invisible numbers made of glass.
if during this time any numbers come as gold or glowing red , remember them or write them down
if not dont worry, you also can check for golden or red numbers laying on the bed if you wake AT NIGHT.
and fily there is always the treasure chest to check ea morning

good luck

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