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How to make: $329 Million dollars PER year in the, USA...


Last Edited: October 5, 2010, 11:33 pm

How many cities and districts and counties there must be in the, USA..I say, at least: 3,000....

If you created something like a: Matinee a theater that shows movies that happened already in theaters but have not reached: rental movies yet...How much is a movie ticket in a movie theater??? $10...

for this movies you charge: $3 or $2.50...Now let´s say you constructed the: 3,000 movie theathers and each movie theater made: $300 in profits per day, that will be:

3,000 x $300 = $900,000 per day...

$900,000 x 365 = $329 Million dollars PER YEAR YOU WILL MAKE..Just in the, USA ALONE...

That´s: $300 Million a year in the, RUSSIA:

THAT´S $300 Million a year in India

that´s: $300 Million a year in: Brazil

that´s: $300 Million a year in: China

that´s: $200 Million a year in: Mexico

that´s: $200 Million a year in: Japan

that´s: $130 Million a year in: Nigeria

in other countries, charge: $1 and 25 cents to go in into the mattinee...

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Comment by pumpi76 - October 6, 2010, 12:02 am
talking about symbols...The star of david is a human, if you make a dot in the center of the star of davig and draw a straight line from the center to each pointed, apex you will get a human opening his arms to you, possibly a baby...for those who believe in symbols....

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