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Becareful It Can Happen to YOu: And some thoughts...


Last Edited: October 9, 2010, 8:44 pm

Someone could kidnapp someone with Aids carry that person in a van then kidnapp you and force you to have sex with that person then release you...Next thing you know you have: AIDS...Like if people didnt like you....

On another thought...They should create several hospitals and call it: THE DMZ [THE DEMILITARIZED ZONE] AND PEOPLE REPUBLIC OF IRAN....

Something else very serious: Read this link:


YOu read the part where it says: Chemical Ingeneers and Computer programmers are among the dissappearing jobs...Well guess what??? WHERE DO YOU THINK THEY WILL GO???

What if Chemical Ingeneers and Computer programmers GO ROGUE/TURN ROGUE, they turn bad...

You tube should charge: $25 cents a year...Youtube.com must have like: 50 million users...25% of 50 million is: 13 Million dollars a year, money they can use to: Expand Youtube.com and donate some to charity....

YOu KNOW WHAT TASTE VERY DELICIOUS MORE DELICIOUS THAN SODA AND AS DELICIOUS AS ICE CREAM: Mix oatmeal in milk without the leaf, mix the oatmeal in milk but then drain the leafs and then pour papaya juice on it as to make it diluted and sprinkle lots of cinamon...It taste delicious as icecream and the papaya juice gets dilute like it was milk.....The papaya juice is papaya that has been placed in a blender.....I dont know why they dont sell it...Owe this idea to my mother.....i think it tastes better than ice cream plus ice cream is not liquid....and the drink doesnt taste like papaya it tastes like ice cream...

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