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Guys Sorry to Tell You But Dont Get High Hopes on the Internet


Last Edited: October 14, 2010, 10:47 pm

Guys, i dont know WHEN the Internet will shut down...Seen a dog full of ticks...Well the Internet has a LOT of ticks...I know the INTERNET will one day soon SHUT DOWN or i dont know what they are going to do with it, create a new one...The Internet is like a Bank, hacked all the time....There are people out there who only surf the internet to gather information on other people or see what they can steal on the internet...There is more internet: THEFT than regular thiefing occurs in the USA...And the theft doesnt have to be: $2 Million dollars it can simply be: 25 cents, regularly...

Steal 25 cents every month from: 50,000 people and you make: $150,000 a year...it doesnt have to be, theft it could be information, or anything else...Someone wants to know where someone else lives or their phone number or whatever they want to find out..open up a clandestine hackers shop...charge: $20 and you make: $180,000 a year....

The internet is like a Gigant Mall the size of the country of France...The Internet Globally generates like: $600 Billion in sales per year...Not even wallstreet generates that much...Wallmart generates: $100 Billion a year...Wallstreet generates: $100 Billion a year...So you can imagine....

I dont even think all the banks of the USA or France generate: $600 Billion dollars a year...

Take: $200,000 and divide it into: $10,000 it will be: 20...with the $10,000 create bussinesses...Let´s say each bussiness makes: $40 a day...

$40 x 30 days = $1,200 x 20 bussinesses

$24,000 a month = 12 months = $288,000 each year....plus the: $180,000 = $500,000 a year that each hacker makes or whoever is it....

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