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To People Out there: The Obesity Problem...


Last Edited: October 15, 2010, 6:26 pm

You know, most people after a certain Age, TAKE MEDICATION...If people didnt like you, like if they, REALLY DIDNT LIKE YOU and they pay to do harm to you, all they had to do is switch your medication when you are getting it...

Like if 20 pills comes in your medication and you take it everyday, 8 out of the 20 pills the switch them and replace it by a medication that is harmless but it makes you fat...and what they could do is the following..

Lets´ say: A is the medication you are suppose to take..

B the medication that makes you fat...

then the medication will come this way:





that way you take the medication to make you fat, every other day...you know medicine contraband, create pills that look like your pill/fatplacebo....

and once you are fat they dont need to do it again because they know is going to take you: 10 or 20 years to lose the weight....

After, i wrote this i went out and buy me a cake, the cake had: hot sauce on it....Several times it has happened to me...

And nowadays is SO EASY, to incriminate someone...People are getting sophisticated, so is the level of incrimination more than before...

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