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Some ideas & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: October 17, 2010, 1:05 am

Instead of Buying Expensive Cameras: Is good to have 1 in the family but not everyone have one...You can borrowed it from your brother, aunt, ect when you need it...Instead, let´s say a camera cost you: $400....Use that money to buy oil for your car...$400 divided $5 = 80, let´s say you put oil in your car 3 times a year, every 4 month that will be, you will have car oil for: 26 years...It could be: coolant for your car...Cameras is a sign of wealth is like champaign....

Women of the World, If you got, big bust: Please get bust reduction, you look more attractive, more decent, more beautiful if you get bust reductions [not to say the obsene word]...That idea, that men will leave you if you dont get bust increase that´s a mentally challenged fad...Dont let anyone tell you other wise, get yourself bust reductions you look more attractive that way....Simetrically you dont look attractive with big busts that way either....Not just that, big busts after a certain age, they sink, they droop, and is an uggly sight to see, while if you had it small you will not have that problem...

Ramen Noodles: You know Ramen Noodles should be the world most popular snack or food..Is the condiment, change it for some sauce or something...I dont know why some airlines who dont give you anything to eat, why dont they give you noodles...I dont know why noodles doesnt become kids and teenagers snacks at school...Again it should be the world most, popular snack or food beside rice...To me, people talk about, crowbar for fitness experts, while i think is: Noodles...Want to be skinny forever, eat a lot of noodles for snacks...Is even better...Eat noodles for breakfast and lunch you drink lots of papaya juice and at dinner the food...You are only eating like: 900 calories a day while the daily intake is: 2,000....or have it backwards: papaya juice for breakfast, regular food for lunch and noodles for supper or anyway you want...

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