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Could This be the Cause of Astma, Allergies, Death, Pneumonia, who knows what


Last Edited: October 17, 2010, 4:43 am

I lay in bed and i thought...Beds have bed bugs, other types of bugs that are minute bugs that your hair looks like gigantic trees, other types of bugs that are on your eyelids that could drop from your eyelids and be wondering in your pillow...And i thought, all these bugs walking/wondering in your pillow and lots of people when they sleep they rest their face next to the pillow, some sleep face down facing the bed...

And i thought...When you suck in air when you are breathing, it must be like a tornado in a forrest sucking up everthing...So what if when you inhale, you inhale this bugs...you breathe in and exhale in 1 second...I think you suck in air 33,000 times in 1 night only inhaling...IN 1 SINGLE NIGHT...

how do you know you are not inhaling a 3 pounds of bed bugs...And who knows if those bugs got other viruses....

How do you know this doesnt causes, Allergies, Astma, Death in the elderly, Pneumonia, or some lung infection....

Can someone please, email forward this to every country and person in the world, to the American Medical Association, the Global Medical Association, and the respective authorities...for i am very busy.....

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