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Guys the Problem with Billion dollar lottos...


Last Edited: October 17, 2010, 9:31 pm

Remember this...



Guys there is so much, thirst for: $1 Billion dollars in a country that i think it could stress the entire population and cause the entire population to: Over eat food and get fat because of stress of wanting to win the: $1 Billion dollar lotto...Having a: $40 Billion dollar Scratchoff Powerball, specially more, when the $1 Billion dollar lotto is played: Once a year...It could make you not concentrate at work...That´s why i think is important that if you are going to create a: $1 Billion dollar or more lotto that you place in that country a:

Pick2/0-7, Pick2/0-9 + Pick1/0-3,  Pick3/0-7, Pick3/0-9, Pick3/0-9 + Pick1/0-3, Pick4/0-7, Pick4/0-9, Pick4/0-7 + Pick1/0-3, Pick5/0-5, Pick6/0-5, Pick6/0-5 + Pick1/0-3, Pick7/0-5, Pick7/0-5 + Pick1/0-3, Pick5/0-7 + Pick1/0-3, Pick3 Travel Tickets, West Virginia Cash25, Va Cash5, West Virginia Cash25 + Pick1/8, West Virginia Cash25 + Pick2/10, West Virginia Cash25 + Pick1/5 + Pick1-12, Va Cash5 + Pick1/7 [with all 3 options, 25 cents, 50 cents and $1 dollar] Lotto Stock Markets...

I am going to say: if you are going to create a: $1 Billion dollars or more lotto you need to do psychological tests/experiments, which nobody has done...You could always change and create a: $1 Billion Fitness lotto which i forgot to mention, you see it dude it even affects me, SEE IT FOR YOURSELF...The most important lotto the Fitness lotto i didnt mentioned....I dont know if is the magical world or is it that the lotto is like a drug...It can also cause, Coupes de etats...And this world is already controlled by sex...it could affects jobs...

i even forgot the: Languages Words Lotto which was, SO IMPORTANT, AS IMPORTANT AS A STOCK EXCHANGE OR A FITNESS LOTTO...

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