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OCean Currents Vectors & RNGs syncronize Pick3 of all States, Countries


Last Edited: October 19, 2010, 8:39 pm

Why dont they, take a global snapshot of the ocean currents vectors and translate them into All States or Global Pickk3 RNG´s number and play them in all sthe states or all the countries...All the countries RNG will be sinchronized to the Global Currents Vectors or Global Wind Vectors...That way someone in the future who knows might see the patterns and come up with a gigant equation to track the Global ocean currents to; + or 1 degree of accuracy...They are constantly moving...

It will help better understand our planet...And the RNG is constantly running all the time hooked the the Global Ocean Currents Vectors and when is time to play they play or the timer records the exact second/minutes of those ocean currents, one timer records it the other keeps running linked to the Global ocean currents...

But for this, every country in the world will have to have like: 5 Pick3´s playing everyday all SYNCHRONIZED...NOt only that, you will be able to tell or sometimes see if there is a gigantic conciouness or spirit in the world that governs the world by seein coincidences, and oddities...

If i was you i will tell you that, you BETTER DO IT...Is for our Planet...By coming up with an equation for all the pick3´s of the world for example and better understanding the Global Ocean Currents Vectors i will think you might be better able to understand Deserts, winds, tornadoes, global warming, hurricanes, migrations, forrestry...

plus common sense should tell you that you can better track something with numbers as oppose to looking at arrows/vectors moving around...

Can someone please, email forward this to every country and person in the world and the respective authorities and to every university in the world please...for i am very busy....

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