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Could a Wrist Watch be used for Fitness or Parkinsons & Courage Motivation Company & some thoughts


Last Edited: October 21, 2010, 1:11 am

                                                             Example, parkinsons, the wrist watch sends pulses to the brain how to balance oneself for example...And i was thinking possibly, the wrist watch sending pulses to the body internally trying to break away fat...Could this be possible..And for other uses too..

or send pulses to the heart making you feel like you are working out...Or send pulses to your brain, fooling the brain into making you feel full....

How about a wrist watch that sends pulses to your heart making it beat: 0.0004 microseconds faster and this way give you motivation...Or a watch that monitors your menstrual cycle or hormones levels, or warns you before you get breast cancer so you can cure it on time...Or a wrist watch that minutely contracts your muscles as if you was doing excercise....Or a wrist watch for austistic/or hypertension deficit disorder kids that sends signals to the autistic person´s heart/brain to relax/calm him or her...It could be a wrist watch or a necklace...

And i had to say this...There is an elderly or senior woman who came on the show of parker spitzer on CNN...She said that she was running against, Jim Demint, she is a cooker...Well guess what???That woman is the most: BEAUTIFUL SENIOR IN THE ENTIRE PLANET..And she is the TOP: 12 WOMEN MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE WORLD...That stylish haircut that she got...She said, her favorite food is a roasted what was it, a roasted, chicken...She is, STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL, LIKE LIGHT SHINING ON YOU, kind of thing...She should be a billionaire...THEN, people say they are, caucasian, they are this, they are that, what an embarrasment...She is more beautiful than: 93% of the Earth´s population...lol...And she has a ripe mango face too and that hairstyle, out of this world...

Anyway, this watch made me think of something...When you turn elderly or senior you are going to need: COURAGE, CHEERING UP, MOTIVATION...Why not create a company that charges you up like: $3 a month, that cheers you up, gives you advices, comes everyday to your home if you want to to cheer you up, help you in anything, for seniors....

Can someone please, email forward this to every country and person in the world and the respective authorities and to every university in the world, please...for i am very busy....

interesting find: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101020/ap_on_sc/us_sci_oldest_galaxy

Got an, Awesome idea, Awesome, Awesome idea: Many women walk their babies in strollers after pregancy and they are usually fat...Why not create a stroler that is heavy, as heavy as a full grocery store cart..Remember what i said that when you push something heavy you work out...possibly make the stroller tires out of rubber, with heavier metals i dont know...And all a woman does is push her baby and work out at the same time...Maybe put on some ankle weights for maximum workout...And they can have strollers all the way to: 7 years old, so it means: 7 years of workout...And women should lose the after-pregnacy belly fat...Owe this idea to this link:


in Lycos.com....and the movie: Batman [the batmobile, the one with Morgan Freeman on it]....

Can someone please, email forward this to every country and person in the world and the respective authorities and to every university in the world, please...for i am very busy....

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