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Heat in the Northern Latittudes Hemisphere: Whoever Wants to Help: & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: October 25, 2010, 3:14 am

                                                        Theoretically speaking if something spins, dragging weight, it can shake something up, create friction and this way create, HEAT...LOok at a plane engine, it produce heat as a bi-product...This could be used to warm up the, NORTHERN LATTITTUDES...So anyone who wants to contribute and experiment with it, any rich person, company, association, country, you welcome to do so....Which you should...

Psychics Good Use for Them: Since they can not win the lottery, you may lost all faith in them...Well a POWERFUL, use for psychics that not even the hottest system for the lotto could predict, is USING, Psychics to foretell when someone will GET SICK or very sick...You get sick or very sick and doctors got to work on you and you just lost: $10,000 or $20,000 or even: $60,000 in insurance or hospital bills...NO supercomputer can foretell you when you will get sick or of what...So that,, they channel their energy towards this...
YOu want to get promoted: Pool money with your co-worker gather some money and bribe your manager into promoting you...

Countries of the World Who Want to Promote Multiculturalism:

SPONSOR OR PARTNERSHIP with other countries, into creating a: Learning a New Language Words Pick4/0-6 [you are probably saying, why like that, REMEMBER it is not a lotto with numbers, it uses WORDS, other languages words] and is played in other countries....

Entry #1,465


Comment by pumpi76 - October 25, 2010, 3:06 pm
Can someone please, email forward this to every country and person in the world and the respective authorities and to every university in the world, please...for i am very busy....

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