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Maybe How Life Began On this Planet:: Maybe look at our Sun: And Some Thoughts


Last Edited: October 28, 2010, 4:59 am

Didnt the Sun formed before the planets...Maybe the Sun influenced first that life began on this planet...and then receive the influential help of Jupiter and Saturn...So if they were looking for another Earth on another star they should look at stars exactly like our Sun not the planet, with the same exact dimensions to the: +1/-1; 1degree....and look at stars that surround the our sun their exact dimensions and look for that in other stars....

there is a possibility that what cause life to be created on Earth was; Jupiter &/or Saturn, their influencial effect/energy....

also this is just an idea...What if life was like a jean, i´ll explain...What if Jupiter and/or saturn press their influence along with the sun on our planet and cause life to sort of, adopt to sort of form/weave a clothes/jean to those forces but life could not do it, 100%, is like trying to form a jean for a very fat person the fat person forming the influential energies....so life weave a jean for a very fat person but the jean didnt fit and it had to use: pins around the zipper, making some tissue or energy source to come out, which maybe could be the cause for cancer or old age...

think of the medium where life began as a coarse form of thread or cotton and think of life as the sowing machine...if it was a nice type of cotton or thread the jean could had been bigger but if the material/thread/cotton was of a poor design/coarse then the jean will had been smaller [microscopic world] and to fit the fat person life will had had to use, pins or clothes pins....what makes me think of this is smoothness..Most stuff or all stuff are not smooth not even in energy/element bonds...

i´ll give you, one example...your hand skin, when is cold why the skin in your hands crack and you start feeling stuff rough/coarse...

Bad News MEDICINE RESISTANT MICROBES: There are people who take medicine and dump it in the toilet...What happens, there are all sorts of germs in aqueducts and there is all sorts of rats with all sorts of germs on them they can drop in the water mix with the medicine become resistant, make it to the sea, get trapped in fish skin or some animal´s mouth or propage in the sea, you catch the fish, you eat the fish you get sick and the germ gets resistant to antibiotics or medicine...also because the microbe was resistance to medine when it drop in the ocean it can disseminate, fall in a coral reef and destroy the corral reef....

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