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Split personality



A friend told me this morning that I have a "split personality".   

It mostly has to do with "dressing for the occasion".

At home or at the sale barn, it's Wranglers and boots, Double D Ranchwear for "special".  For the office, it's 3 inch heels and flirty dresses, and for property rehab it's coveralls and a tool belt.  All my friends seem to recognize me, though, so I tell myself I'm grounded.

My Daddy was a cowman, I was raised around that type, and thought I'd like a cowboy of my own.  Come to find out, cowboys don't marry cowgirls -- most of them are looking for "girly, girly".  Once I had gotten that through my head, I decided to meet the competition head-on. 

At the next oppportunity, I dressed up in a slinky dress, nail polish, the whole nine yards. I looked "city girl", through and through.   Sure enough, I was asked for a date to the dance that night, by a good lookin' cowboy.  Conversation got off to a rough start, he didn't have any idea  I could "talk cow", and I was careful not to tip my hand.  After a few spins around the dance floor, we were joined by a buddy of his, and they began to talk about the branding coming up  next day.  They went on about the "Mountain Oysters", in a teasing manner, naturally thinking I would be horrified at the prospect.  Finally, it all got the best of me.  "Hey, boys", I said, "bring those mountain oysters over to my place, I'll fillet and bread them.  We can have some brains and eggs on the side.  Come to think of it, I'll keep your irons hot tomorrow, help you run the calves through the chute and vaccinate as we go."  Well,  my date thought he'd died and gone to heaven, a "city" lookin' girl, who could be a hand at the branding, too.  We had a great time!  For a long time!

I never would marry a man who couldn't handle himself horseback.  It's a "cowgirl" thing.









Entry #3


mymonieComment by mymonie - November 1, 2005, 8:16 pm
Well, that was great. Sounds like the woman I need....lol. Enjoyed reading that.
Comment by cowgirlpoet - November 2, 2005, 11:37 am
Thanks, mymonie. I appreciate the feedback...it's a lonely world out there when no one ever responds to posts.

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