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Some ideas & Some Thoughts...


How about having an Ipod, how it can/could have: 30,000 songs...Well, why not have an ipod that has the numbers recorded from: 1-60 for Pick5/Pick6 of from 0-9 four times for Pick4 and listen to it over and over when one goes to bed, go to sleep with ipod on listening to numbers repeated over and over...Maybe/it should induce you into dreaming with the winning numbers...You know you could use prisoners as an experiment...Maybe psychics could use this....You could do this with prisoners get the numbers and charge people: 20-25 cents a month...The money collected is used to take care of prisoners in prisons or prisoners fund like for when prisoners get out, help them out...YOu could even repeat things...or for getting the numbers you watch advertisers and the advertisers pay for the prisoners´s Fund...Or rhe person getting the numbers could pay by donating used stuff that person might not need or with food, or they could pay with chickens/turkeys...For example the people could pay with pharmacy pills extra that they might have or vitamins or flud medications and you build a pharmacy, shoe store, clothing store for prisoners in prison or when they get out...and with the pharmacy for example prisoners when they are out pay: 3 cent or 10 cents for the medication and the funds/proceeds collected go to something else for prisoners, now 2 sources of revenue...

Here is another example...Prisoners could be a labor force that: $300 is deducted out of their paycheck...If they were to admit, 4 million prisoners displaying good conduct, you will get from them: $14 Billion dollars every year...Money that could be used for: Investment, Investors of creating a new company, with: $14 Billion per year you can create: 14 different companies of: $1 Billion dollars each...Stimulating the economy of the, USA AND THE WORLD...Remember when i said, why dont you go to other countries and help and stimulate the economies of those countries...Here is an answer....

There should be a: 1941 NINTENDO & ATARI game Pick3...

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