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To Medical People and the Elderly: How to save on Medicine Pills...


Last Edited: November 4, 2010, 1:32 am

If drug pills came on plastic bottles you might save: $3-5 per medication...Like if a pill price was: $15 dollars if it came in plastic bottles it will cost you: $12 dollars or $10 dollars...And they are more safer...Also there is a lot of pharmaceutical drug pills that come in glass bottles and they are charging you: 80 cents to $3 for the glass bottle while if they came in plastic bottles they will be cheaper....

Not just that there are different types of plastic bottles and i am sure they dont pick the cheapest one, they pick the pill plastic bottle to give their products a nice image...There are different tickness of the material of the pill plastic bottle also and i know they dont pick the thinnest...Also you look at a medicine pill plastic bottle and the distance from medicine pill to the the plastic bottle cap is like a mile long of empty space symbolically, so you are paying for that distance...Stuff that could cost you: $80 cents less to $4 or $8 dollars less on your medicine pills....

you know you are also paying for the, COLOR OF THE BOTTLE...DIFFERENT COLORS HAVE DIFFERENT PRICES...That´s why you pay so much for medicine pills...The type of cap on that bottle too you are paying for all of that...

Elderlies of the world, you want medicine pills to cost you: 10 cents instead of: $4 or $8 dollars...Pitch in money raise: $1 Billion or $6 Billions and buy CARGO SHIPS like cruisers OR CARGO PLANES OR A HUGE FLEET OF 18 WHEELERS TRUCKS...You will be cutting the transportation price...JUst because a medicine pill traveled from 1 country to the next from costing: $1 dollar it goes up to: $5 dollars the price...

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