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step 2 of CAD system... "data" entry


now that the grid is complete, time to add lines connecting the points that represent the drawn numbers.
In order to make validation easier, the lines are alternately green and blue. I have about 80 in place, there are 300+, so it may take awhile.
no text elements on the screen, just points inside squares... I can tell the number based on the X,Y value of the crosshairs... gotta love AutoCAD!

the road ahead...

1. raw data gathering (angles, both acute and complimentary obtuse for each set of 3 numbers... and also deviance from both horizontal and vertical of each pair of drawn numbers) this will go, most likely as decimal degrees (rather than degree/min/sec or radians) into an excel sheet.

2. "needle in the haystack search" looking for what formula or measurement could possibly be used to zero in on draws based on past draws... same deal as any number system, only with angles. this is the search for rules-of-thumb.

3. search for activity that precedes palindrome draws (example... 05-17-28-17-05 over 5 draws... has happened in PB red ball data more than once, though usually presents as a shorter chain such as 15-41-15)

4. announcers and the exhaustive search for what, if anything, they are trying to "announce".

5. many more tests yet to be determined.

Entry #68


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