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Its amazing to me how fast people are willing to try and expose someones methods to benefit supposedly everyone, but ignore the most important factor of why they do what they do. just because you have the tools that doesnt include the gift or the talent. its not what you have BUT knowing how to use what you have. i'm sick of people posting senselessly and arent even winning. posting just to get the props from their peers, but secretly begging other players for tips on numbers. if you are posting lots of workouts daily, why would you be hitting me in private asking how i win. im not sitting here off and on the pc posting just to make friends. i am winning ...end of story. yes i play online and in the store. people on here are real cut throat and will say or do anything to know what you know. its sad but true and i have let myself out of the circle of madness. its force me to ignore messages from people and discontinue relationships with people i thought were good people. its a bunch of jokers willing to kill their parents on here for a tip on hitting a number. i'm tired of the sobb stories, tired of the deception, tired of people snowing me with kind words and saying what they think i want to hear to get a tip. my tip is the fact that im posting despite the hatred towards fellow players. do not ask me how i do what i do if you dont even know the basics about lottery. Todd said lots of things to the people in nc that  makes sense and ir forced the nonsense to stop to a degree and thats good but now these fools just carry on in private. i have a very tight circle of people i associate with here on lottery post. when a friend of mine gets exactly the same message from a person who is seeking help that i got and the only change in the message is my name...what does that say ?? people do not care about others on here..bottomline. i'm not here to make friends at all but i made a few despite my efforts to not do so. the people that i have let in my space are genuine and trustworthy. how do i know this ?? because i talk to these people about things other than numbers. they arent on the hunt 24/7 for when the next set of trips are coming or what pair i like next. its just ridiculous how deceptive people are and i'm not taking it anymore. i was warned about certain folks long time ago and just as i was told by alumni of lottery post, these people lived up to their expectations. shameless begging and lying to get what you want has been the bottomline and i am not taking part in it at all.

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KaptainessComment by Kaptainess - November 10, 2010, 4:45 pm
Stay strong Technics - they got my goat a year ago - I stopped posting - ended all relationships - and keep to myself now. I do enjoy your postings - you have a real nack for it - keep posting and ignore all of those that want to bring you down. I have a favorite expression for them but can't post it here - Todd might get a bit upset.

When I started my post it was a need for a PA page - none was available on LP - so I started one - the rest is history to me and will remain so.   

Just keep doing what you do and if "they'' don't like it........well........ROFL!
Angel19Comment by Angel19 - November 10, 2010, 5:54 pm
Tech, I agree with what you had to say.I NEVER post anymore and only pm a VERY few people .The NC thread is not what it use to be.As far as the pms, I can feel your pain..I use to post winners and my box stayed full with ppl i didnt even know..Now I dont post at all.I do have you as a favorite ( as well as some others) to compare my workouts (to your prs) for guidance on what to and what not to play. Hence saving me lots of dollars.. I dont have a clue as to whom you were referring and its not my concern..All I'm interested in are what prs you have from that previous draw..Continue to do what you do best, win money, and step back from all those causing drama..Thank you for continuing to post your prs for NC..Good luck to ya.
TechnicsComment by Technics - November 10, 2010, 7:33 pm
thanks folks...i appreciate those that are genuine. its a lot of shadyness that goes on in private and some people dont know who are true friends around here. they dont know that certain people come right to me with the bullcrap and show me whats being said and done.

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