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Fall turns leaves over and over...


Last Edited: November 12, 2010, 1:43 pm


Dreamt I could hear a mans voice whispering

"704, 709 stop playing eveything else.  Just do what I tell you."

"It's November and when leaves fall they flip over and over..."

"Do you understand?"

I nodded yes.


The big tall man has a voice?  Normally when he comes I never hear "his" voice, but this morning, twice.

I remember this dream so vividly for two reasons.  The first being that when the big tall man usually comes into my dream state, if he speaks, I only hear his voice subliminally never real tones, but this morning when the sun first came over the horizon, I heard him.  He actually has a voice.  It's deep and thick and surreal.  Not frightening but ominous....

The second thing I remembered is the imagery.  I imagined the leaves falling and as I did I realized that as they fall, they do flip over and over.  With that in mind, I began to look back on several posting of peoples numbers and I realized that in the fall, the majority of the numbers are not mirroring but flipping over like the leaves,  6's are 9's -- 2's are 5's, hmmh, I thought to myself, every year I say that I'll notice but just as sure as summer turns to fall, I forget....but never again.

With that called to my consious, I wanted to call it to yours as well.  If things seem to be off, if things seem topsy turvy, it's because there turning over and over, kinda like the planets turning on their axis continually rotating in all things, life is about balance and with out roation there would never be hot and cold, one side of the planet would have the sun, the other none.  And o it is with the balance it must be with the numbers.  Fall has brought a turning point..., so heres to us and our journeys of turning over a new leaf...

Let it be a blessing


2 - 6 - 7 -  9

5 - 9 - < -  6


just a side note, whenever I have a 7 in my dream numbers, I go up one 678 is 679

now that fall is here the 7 means less than, so I'll do 677

Entry #100


vjohnson8Comment by vjohnson8 - November 12, 2010, 3:33 pm
wow, i like this val8

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