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Dancing with Wolves


Last Edited: November 14, 2010, 11:07 am

I was told as a child to dream of wolves was to watch for betrayal, some one near and dear to you will cause you harm.  I wondered about that and set off on my merry way to research the meaning of the wolf or wolves.

First I believed the above thoughts of those around me because I had always heard things like "He's a wolf in sheeps clothing!"  In Red Riding Hood, the wolf tricked and devoured people.  But in life and in nature, I found just the opposite.  The wolf/wolves are a group of dogs that are protective of their young, live in a form of unity and above all they hunt together.  When one eats, they all eat! 

This morning before the earth tilted on her axis and (yes I call the earth a her because she brings forth and carries life).  The Universe is male.  Whole different story.  Maybe one day we'll talk about it?  Let's get back to the wolves....

This morning, before the earth tilted on her axis, I heard a sound.  At first, I thought it was a man wailing in pain or remorse.  The more I tuned in the more I realized that it wasn't crying but a howling some form of notification that what I was looking for was near at hand.  As I breathed in that moment, I levitated and landed in a pack of wolves.  I didn't shape shift or anything of that nature but they accepted me and as soon as I got a nudge from the Alpha male, I began dancing.  The dance was of accomplishment a dance of victory a moment of feeling satisfied beyond measure.  It was good!

So this morning, take a moment, breath let your spirit guide you and and allow yourself to dance in the moment of your victories.  Be moved to triumph, and know that going through is just that! You're still moving and going through it's a tunnel you have to pass through so that those around you can be confident in knowing that on the other side of the tunnel where there is light, there is a dance of victory waiting on you and them.


@AGF310: dance 181 861 603 176 640 9241

@willwrk4numbers:  wolf 1906  0123

Entry #104


WILLWRK4NUMBERSComment by WILLWRK4NUMBERS - November 14, 2010, 3:22 pm
ohio midday wolves 6109 11/14/10
WILLWRK4NUMBERSComment by WILLWRK4NUMBERS - November 20, 2010, 7:02 pm
GA 11/19/2010 DANCE 064 (note to self takes about 5 days to fall).

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