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USA State Lottery & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: November 17, 2010, 12:34 am

Can you please put, Super Kansas Cash lotto in every state....Countries of the World Can you do the same....But let it cost: 50 cents the ticket and pay: $50,000 dollars....Knowing you you are going for the $1 dollar the ticket....

and 1941 and Nintendo 64 Mario Kart game in every state.....

Some Thoughts:

Can fumes from thrash or your bathroom [toilet] travel miles and cause someone a stroke...Somewhere i read that thrash/garbage fumes can cause strokes...Like you may not be aware of it but your garbage could be emiting fumes that thrave miles and it could be hitting someone in another house everyday, causing that person to have a stroke....Along with your toilet/bathroom fumes...

It could also hit someone´s clothes the person washes it and who knows where that water ends up, whether it ends up in the OCEAN, i know sewage water gets treated but water from your pipes i dont know where they go...

Also Remember this????


you can do it to the Mafia if you think Asian chicks are really enjoying it...IF THEY WANT...

on another note:  I support any president no matter what but the least President OBama could had done is place a: Super Kansas Cash lotto in every state in every state and West Virginia Cash25 and Virginia Cash5 in every state and a Pick2 in every state and 1941 and Nintendo 64 Mario Kart game in every state....You may not revolutionized the, USA but at least you could had done that...At least make some black people win the lottery but not even that...And who elected him into OFFICE???? BLACK PEOPLE who SUGGESTED HE RUN??? BLACK PEOPLE...Life is stranger than Fiction....

Decided to go for a walk and a guy with a superman t-shirt was saying basically: I am from, 15th street north of guayaquil and nobody can tell me anything, then a woman was saying, dile a ella que yo no se para que ella dice eso, saying obsenities of course...Then a woman threw her cigarette tart right infront of where i was walking....The the other woman said: Si yo tengo que decir algo yo lo digo....Then a tall guy went to a cop and told the cop, hey porque eso esta a alla fuera....a man in his cell phone pass me by and said: y el las conto...lol...sorry to say this but there was a guy who looks gay but i dont know if he was was talking on the phone talking in some foreign language....then 2 teenagers pass by and said: De verdad te digo...Lastly i pass by a van that was parked...All i heard was: quieres mas papi, and a woman said: alli si...The there was a guy walking away from the mall he had: big ears you normally dont see that in people...

Entry #1,505


truecriticComment by truecritic - November 17, 2010, 12:57 pm
Pumpi, I haven't read everything you posted these last few days but I see an enormous improvement in spelling! Good for you! Thank you, from me.

It is still difficult to follow what you say - but at least the spelling isn't the cause.
Comment by pumpi76 - November 17, 2010, 5:03 pm
there is a game similar to 1941 but is of helicopters i mean is one of the MOST AWESOME GAMES EVER...EVER...Played it in Arcades....

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