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Thou shalt not kill


When I was younger, I used to wonder....Could a God who was jealous, despised treachery and judged us on everything we do be a loving God?  I wondered, how could a God that told certain groups of people that it was okay to go in and possess a land be the same God that says love thy neighbor as thy self.  Curious as I was, I would ask my parents, grand parents and pastors/priests how could these thing be?  "If God isn't confused, then why does he contradict himself every other sentence?" I asked my gran dad one day. I'll never forget that smack across the butt and my grandad saying "don't you ever question God!  Don't you ever blaspheme or speak against him again in your life.  God doesn't like ugly and that's pretty darn ugly!"


As I grew older, I began studying lots of religions, catholics, baptist, voo doo, enlightenment, you name it, I've probably read a book on it or tried to apply a practice in some form of my life.  From those studies I've learned a lot of things.  I've learned that the One True Creator is really universal balance.  Not to be debated; only because people have been taught to incorrectly share whatever religious practice they chose to stick with and since perception is reality, unless a person is looking for the truth, they're happy living a lie, I mean their on since of what the truth is...


It's funny, in almost all religions it's never looked upon "nicely" to murder.  Thou shalt not kill, to take a life is to place your life into servitude, etc.  I've never quite understood why people aren't disgusted at the humans who spray products that kill bugs on contact or cringe at the people who grind grits and add sugar, sprinkle it around their house and place plenty of water near by to kill ants (they don't have room enough room in their stomachs for the expansion of the "grit" after it drinks water so it actually explodes. I wonder about those people who say they wouldn't kill any thing and then smack their arm to kill the mosquito who's only purpose for landing on you in the first place was to try and find food to feed itself and it's children.

Hmmh, I'm saying to myself as I sit across from this lady in this restaurant?  I'm a "Christian, I love the Lord with all my heart and I obey his commandments! She says. And before you know it, without warning a huge roach is crawling across the table, she's very upset and she seems to be looking for something and before you know it she smashes the roach and turns to me and says "Oh my word!  Did you just see that huge roach?  How disgusting!  What's the rating in here? 95, they must have gotten marked down because of the roaches?"  I'm looking at my laptop as an ant runs across my screen, I then look at her smiling and she says, what are you smiling at?  I say, "Thou shalt not kill!"

I'm awake now and penning this brief little dream.  Wondering what the meaning of "dreaming about a roach" really means?  Hmmh, I think I'll shower and go to that restaurant, will I see her there?  Will she kill the roach?  On the Creator knows for sure, but I'm on a mission to find the roach and let him know before someone sits down, you better not show yourself today.....

Entry #115


Comment by GASMETERGUY - November 18, 2010, 12:15 pm
"Kill" is the English translation of the Greek word. Should you so desire, you could search the internet for the Hebrew translation and the more narrow and (as I chose to believe) correct translation of "murder". There is a big difference between "kill" and "murder".

As far as ants and other harmful insects are concerned, G-d gave man domination over all the animals on earth. We can do with them as we please. If they are harmful, we should banish them to the wild; if they are beneficial, we should cultivate them; if they are cute, friendly, and loving, we should care for them as we would a member of the family.
WILLWRK4NUMBERSComment by WILLWRK4NUMBERS - November 18, 2010, 1:45 pm
WOW!! Ok!?

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