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I dreamt 910


Just the other day, I dreamt 910, today at Kroger, I asked for a 3 & 4 QP.  I was handed 911 & 2666.  So I played 611 911 2666 2999 2111 back for a couple of plays. When I got home I pulled out my deck of cards (something I learned from Spooky Soozy by way of my LSM - Sweet404Peaches) and said.  Universe I need the three digit.  I turned over my card 19 so ofcourse I was excited, I ran back up the hill with $3.  I played 911 $1S and 119 191 for .50 straight.  I asked the guy behind the counter.  Which should I play this last dollar with?  The 3 or the 4?  He says I can't say which to play, I'll get in trouble. 

The lady behind me says get the 3.  Ok, I said.  Give me a QP 50 cent straight.  I turned to her and said "whatever it gives me, I'll play it for you 50 cent straight she laughed and said ok!  What was the 50 cent straight QP? 191.  "OMG" I said  "There is no way!  Is the computer stuck?  Or is 191 caught up in the lottery machine?"  We all laughed.  The lady I bought the ticket for said "since you bought me one, let me buy you one. OK?"  Ok? I said

The machine coughed up 910.  I exclaimed, UNREAL! 

LP Family, I'll tell you all right now?  Something really different is happening in this universe and I'll be the first to say.  I'm glad to be right here, right now waiting on this adventure to reveal itself.

Entry #124


WILLWRK4NUMBERSComment by WILLWRK4NUMBERS - November 22, 2010, 12:11 pm
KANSAS Pick 3 Sun, 11/21/2010 1-9-0
KY Pick 3 Evening Sun, 11/21/2010 1-1-9
NM Pick 3   Sat, 11/20/2010   1-0-9

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