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Simple meditation


At the age of 5  I was punished by the nuns in the catholic school for being psychic. You know how innocent a 5 year old is, and says what they see.

Let me offer what I have learned the last 55 years. 

There are two modes of operation us earth people use.  Love or fear. Everything else boils down to one or the other.  Live in fear, or live in love. Not easy, but a great goal.  Imagine the Love of the Lord, then think about his decision to give us free choice.

I have a simple meditation that takes about 5 minutes.  Image this simple exercize for yourself before sleep.

You are sitting on a rosebud.  It grows its stem, up your spine. At heart level it begins to bloom.  At that level you feel  love  - to get that  feeling you can remember the first time you held a newborn, your mother, or a puppy or what ever will do the trick for you except a romantic type love( that is a different vibration and not what you want here). It is the pure unconditional love.  You should be able to feel a warmth in your chest.  Once you get there the rose continues to grow up your chest and neck getting to full beautifull bloom at the top of your head.  Your head opens and the brilliant rays of light from heavens above  shine down on you. Now the rose is gone and the brilliant light fills you through your head.  As it shines down into your body it flushes unwanted feelings and thoughts out your toes and into the ground. You feel all the light fill you. Take a Few deep breaths help to clear out your mind and let you relax.  At that point you can choose to be open to suggestion or guidance, or tell yourself ( or the universe) what you want.

It is better to ask in a positive rather than a negative. Example negative - "I dont want any more bad dreams"  Should be " I want positive dreams that guide me"

Myself, I usually ask to be healthy, wealth, and wise. I also use this time to mentally send the light and love to family in need of healing - sort of sharing the light.  Just a quick simple healing.  As you sow, so shall you reap. 

There are many ways to meditate and advice from many camps.  Two important things to know about it are:

1. The lower centers are already over-developed just by being a human.  When it is suggested that you develop (or balance) all your centers you really should work from the heart center on up.

2. The mind is like a bank. Negatives pile up fast in there.  Add positive thought as often as you can.  When you want good things to happen you need good thoughts to keep your minds bank balance up.

With a few practice runs you find it is easy.

I hope you find what works for you.

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Comment by cali45a - November 21, 2010, 12:26 pm
This is such a well written piece, and I experienced a positive aura as I read it.
Gratitude to you...

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