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After you get the hang of the quick meditation...


Just a fun thing you can try.. after you get the hang of that easy meditation you can take a second, get the heart/rose thing happening at the heart level and image yourself shoot white light from the heart at a crying baby. The baby usually stops fussing. It works even better if there are two of you doing it. In essence you are loving them and they know it.  Works on big people too.

 Also fun to shoot it at people who have their back toward you. They turn and look and don't know why.  Try not to tease too many people though.  It is good for job interviews or the harried clerk that you need to do a refund.  My sister and I did it to a pitifully sad girl once.  She cried. We felt terrible untill she told us she never felt that good in her whole life and knew it was us doing it. She had come from a terribly abusive background, poor girl. We had told her to try the rose deal and then we gave it a good strong helping hand.

Shots of white light ( good energy) are like mini healings and help both the sender and the reciever.  

There is a thing called "ground and center"  you should know about if you go further with light/energy work. It is in "The Playfull Psychic" free online.  There is much good information there for beginners as well as advanced. Just reading it will raise your vibration.

I just remembered a funny psy tale. My sis told the spirits in her house to keep an eye on the baby in her crib so sis could shower.  One of the spirits in her house was like a court jester and always made fun of everything and everyone.  Sis gets in the bathroom and hears the baby screaming.  She runs in and there is a huge spiritlike eyeball up at the cieling.  Scared Baby Deborah silly.  Babies see it all.  They are born psy as can be. Sis changed her wording so she could shower.  My whole family is wierd but it is normal to us.

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