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Makes ya wonder


Last Edited: November 5, 2005, 7:59 pm

I don't post very often here, because I know if I don't have anything positive to add, it's a waste of everyone's time.

But after reading one of the recent posts, I sit here shaking my head. Casho asked for help from members at LP and generous people responded, offering to help. But with that help, few of them had any patience longer than a day or two. It is something new that he was trying out and I don’t know if Red even knew how long the next step would take. Some posted that they needed the next step or they were leaving…too long to get an answer....... must be pulling our chain…..where did Casho go? Unbelievable!
I have been a member of Red’s Inner Circle for a long time. Sometimes updates aren’t done for a month and other times they are done quite often. What I have learned from him is that, numbers run in cycles and don’t need to be updated all of the time. Patience works well with his systems. I know because I have made large amounts of money with his predictions. One thing is for sure, Red is a VERY fair person.

When I read something like: “Why post your winnings here on Lottery Post for everyone to see other than your Inner Circle? That's like a slap in the face to all those who helped you on this so but have not joined your Inner Circle or can't afford to. I guess that's the business side of it. I wish you the best.”   I laugh! Why would he want to post again when people expect him to give numbers to play and not appreciate his work? He does have a pay site. How do you think others feel when he posts numbers here to play and not in the Inner Circle? I have never seen anyone complain at his site about that! But here’s a tip, play the numbers that he posted his winnings and play them in your state (if they haven’t already hit there), Red’s numbers travel!

People are abused here if they don’t prove how often they win and others are thrown to the wolves, when they show that their system is working and the winnings to go with it!  It makes me wonder. Some members have resorted not to post their predictions and thoughts here anymore because the verbal abuse isn’t worth it to them. I for one miss those predictors. They were open minded and willing to take the time to look at lottery games from different angles and post their predictions. I happen to be one of those “lurkers” that actually play some of the posted numbers from here. Win or lose, nothing is guaranteed and I appreciate the time it took them to figure out what to play and try to help others win with their theory. To those people, I want to say thank you!

Todd has a great site here. I know my opinion only belongs to me. So, thanks to Todd and other members for making this site a great one and letting me post my say.

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