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the KWHILBORN experiment (setup)


As any interested hack scientist would, I plan on trying out the concept of transmitting and recieving numbers as described by kwhilborn... I have made up a cool visual aid, a local copy of the powerball results page with blank white and red balls for the next draw (yet to happen).

If I can manage to attain an alpha state (whatever that is) and 'see' the numbers pop into the screen (if it's even that obvious, somehow I doubt it), AND write down what I thought I saw, then record it in excel and play it for the next draw... then it will be interesting to compare it to my other single pick.

I do like to keep an open mind when new ideas are presented (unlike some others), but I also retain my skeptical side... kwhilborn is offering free advice, not selling anyting, and apparently others have seen improvements also... so it would be foolish to ignore this new(?) approach.

The big thing I have concern about is the "alpha" auto-hypnosis... I have seen shows where a hypnotist tried to hypnotize everyone, he got about 2/3 of 'em... not me... I don't like being out of control (that's one reason I never did drugs and generally have had about 2 6-packs of my favorite beer a year (year!) ) so this most likely will be the downfall of my own experiment. But I will go into it open to new ideas... worst that could happen is I stare at the screen and see zip... then I only have my other line to play... time will tell.

Inspired by dragon's blog log, I will keep detailed records and track the results versus the draws... just like I always do with any system.

I am trying to determine the proper protocol for the test... the way I see it, I already check the pb homepage the day after every draw... that must be the transmission point because it is a routine already established. reception will be the new thing to implement. I will have to concentrate more on the winning numbers i suppose.

This will also be the first week I skip the match6... I am bored with that already. I wrote to the PA lottery before M6 was announced and suggested they replace the stupid6 with MUSL's Hot Lotto... that is the ONLY letter I had mailed them that they never responded to, and I sent it 3 seperate times.... boneheads.

PB fans... the number 35 as powerball has now appeared 10 times under the new matrix (190 drawings). it used to be a fairly reliable precursor to the 20 being drawn, but the 20 went cold... 17 is still the most popular number overall with 32 white ball appearances and 4 times as the powerball.

Entry #20


Comment by dragon - August 1, 2004, 12:12 pm
There is nothing about alpha that has anything to do with losing control. You are completely aware of what you are doing, what you are trying to do, and where you are going. Stage hypnotists have given hypnosis a bad name.

I am about 6 weeks ahead of you, skeptical as hell, and I my mission is pretty much identical to yours. What can we lose? The odds of a quick pick?

I have actually throught about playing two lines, my prediction and a quick pick and tabulate the results. I am toying strongly with the idea of switching to the fantasy 5, smaller odds, less numbers, same challenge. Geez, I got a 4 our of 5 not even trying. I don't know if that's a coincidence, but I look at the damn web site -- and there are the numbers. What would YOU make of that?
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - August 1, 2004, 12:48 pm
I would see that as a call to play numbers that fit both games matrices in both games ;-)
konaneComment by konane - August 2, 2004, 4:38 pm
Regarding self hypnosis into alpha state, you are totally in control of everything when you are entering alpha, as alpha is the same state you are in when looking out the window day dreaming. Am also control freak also about losing awareness or control so would have been very vocally against anything which might cause that for any person who may consider attempting it.

Have been put into very deep hypnosis several times by a highly reputable practitoner, was totally aware of everything in my surroundings and knew I could bring myself out at any time.

You can not be made to do anything you don't want to do while in hypnosis.

The actual experience of being hypnotized or hypnotizing yourself will probably be "gee is that all there is to it ... Hollywood made a big deal over nothing" with respect to far out sensationalism someone might expect.

Benefits are that your conscious logical mind takes a back seat to your subconscious mind which is in close touch with your higher self and soul, whereupon you are able to access information out of the realm of space and time.

So in the safety and comfort of your own home when it seems appropriate to you, take a mental journey for numbers. Got my fingers crossed for your success!!

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