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TSA Gestapo Empire


TSA Gestapo Empire by Paul Craig Roberts

I really like this author, he makes a lot of sense!


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time*treatComment by time*treat - November 25, 2010, 5:47 pm
"The very fact that the FBI has to orchestrate fake terrorism proves the absence of real terrorists." -- yep
sully16Comment by sully16 - November 25, 2010, 7:05 pm
they want to unionize.
Comment by GASMETERGUY - November 26, 2010, 10:37 am
So, what might the solution be?

Vote the rascals out? How, when the voting process is corrupt.

Write letters, make phone calls to our representatives? Why, when they give us the one finger salute and say,"We don't care what you want. Here is what you will get!"

Turn violent? We are not violent people.

So what is the solution?
TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - November 26, 2010, 4:05 pm
If enough ppl refuse to participate the airlines will fight the TSA. There is a class action lawsuit just filed also.
Rick GComment by Rick G - November 26, 2010, 4:06 pm
@GASMETERGUY, good comment. Now we are not even allowed to disagree with the federal govt without fear of retribution. They have clearly crossed the line into tyranny. The only options I see is a 50-state unanimous effort to fire US, Inc. and total non-compliance with federal statutes on the part of all citizens.

The War of Terror was phony from DAY ONE. Even though they have been outed, they continue to stage terror just to justify the expense of a hugely bloated 'security' apparatus.
jackpotismineComment by jackpotismine - November 26, 2010, 11:08 pm
Just like the 'war on drugs'. There's more drug now then ever before.

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