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USA, India, Russia If in the Future you want to pay your National Debt & Message to the Wealthy


Last Edited: December 2, 2010, 9:34 am

                                                          Find a way to PREVENT CAR CRASHES, find a way to make cars NOT CRASH...I Was reading that car crashes in the USA wastes/spends: $230 BILLION DOLLARS EACH YEAR...That´s almost: $500 BILLION DOLLARS IN 2 YEARS...

Celebrities, Wealthy People, Billionaires, Government Officials, the Elite you want to make a Difference find a way to make driving above: 115 miles not possible...

Did you know since the car was INVENTED, the number of DEATHS to auto car crashes is the same number of Deaths who have died from, AIDS...Like, 38 Million...The Population of: POLAND OR ARGENTINA, OR ALGERIA, OR CANADA....

And is the same number for Tobacco: 44 Million..The POPULATION OF: COLOMBIA, OR UKRAINE, OR SUDAN OR SPAIN...

HOw many people have died from been Gay, or hanging with black people or native Indians...Exactly...

Together that´s almost: 80 Million people..The population of: GERMANY, OR IRAN OR VIETNAM, OR EGYPT, OR ETHIOPIA, OR TURKEY....

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Comment by scorpio - December 3, 2010, 7:25 am
it's obvious the rich are going to make the middle class,and poor pay for the debt,not them!

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