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Rick G


Never thought I would be using BLOG's, but I guess there's times when you have to get things off your chest and this is one of them for me.

I was told last night to take a chill pill from Todd, and he was probably right...I was getting worked up over nothing re: copyrights.

But I came across a thread in the lottery systems forum today that George Sedertree started that is forcing me to resort to continue last night's thread  re: copyrights.

If you don't want to read this I would heartily suggest you close this page now.

George's magic matrix is a very old system that was used by numbers players years ago and in fact I was using at Maybell's before he even became a member there.

First of all he was SELLING this 60/40 (or whatever) system to maybell lottery forum members and now mentions the possibility of renewing it as freeware with contributions accepted.

To Todd:  this is the exact same kind of fraud I was referring to last night and your members are taking the bait.  After seeing his thread the "chill pill" you suggested me to take (which I didn't particularly care for and could have said to you many times before) is wearing off big time.

These are not original concepts and to ask money for it makes me pissed off.  I know his "matrix" and posted it on the lottery systems board for FREE (twice today, and compare the numbers predicted by the two of us).  Second time I have done that because I consider the forum members as friends not to be taken advantage of and maybe you should take a second look at the scam artists in here.

My feeling is 1)  Elininate all posts requiring money for their "original" ideas. and

2) Don't tell members with valid viewpoints on these subjects to take a chill pill.....and don't bother responding, because my viewpoints and Colin's were legit and that is no way to comment to people who come here and give their free info daily.

3) I'm going to read Sandy K's post on the pick 3 board and might make the same move.  If you're rated 26th on lottery boards that means there are 25 that are better than yours.  The IL group came here thinking we'd have a place to post our predictions with civility, but like Adolf's site, it doesn't look like you're much different.  PM's are next on my list of duties today.

4) The arrogance on this board is appalling.

Thank you.

Entry #1


ToddComment by Todd - August 1, 2004, 9:51 pm
Rick G,

I apologize (Publicly!) for telling you and Colin F to take a chill pill. I think there were a few of us getting pretty frustrated in a couple of message threads, and I shouldn't have said that.

If you'll accept my apology, let's move forward in a civil manner and be friends again. I value your contributions on Lottery Post, and I'd really like you to stay.

Comment by Sedertree - August 2, 2004, 12:08 am

About the 60/40 software.... It was "cracked" a couple of years ago by a freely available keygen on all the warez websites. A fact that you're probably very happy with. I pulled the plug on the project because I was paying to have someone do the work for me. I'm still in debt because of the development process.

If you look at my subsequent post on the thread you spoke of. I reversed my train of thought about offering it as shareware. Even before you created this blog, slamming me in the process.

We go way back to Maybells and my algorithms for creating the 60/40 Matrix were no secret even then. The software only expounded on the concept and allowed back-testing. I turned my head to your posts about creating the matrix because it is common knowledge anyway. If someone would rather get writers cramp by doing it on paper then more power to them. Better yet, try wading through pages of drawfile history to create a biased matrix. It would take days to complete what the program can do in a few seconds.

I...no...longer...sell...software. Nor do I want money from the membership here at lottery post for resurrecting it. Many people have PM'd me because they want to see and use it again. I'm doing them a favor.

In closing, I've always considered you a friend ever since we posted together at Maybells. You're upset and I don't blame you. This is a lottery forum and I'm tired of having politics and religion shoved down my throat when I open a promising thread. There are other issues but I'm not getting into that.

If you want to attack me then fine, I guess we weren't friends to begin with.
Rick GComment by Rick G - August 2, 2004, 10:27 am
George I'm sorry...I wasn't intending to slam you. My point was there is no room for profiteering on this forum. Sorry you took the brunt of my wrath...your post came after a heated debate about copyrights to the material posted here. Again, I apologize.
Comment by Sedertree - August 2, 2004, 5:12 pm

And I apologize to you as well. You'll see that your apology below was posted after my recent blog entry. Had I known that an apology was forthcoming from you then I would not have reciprocated in kind. I suppose this make things even between us and we can move on from here. Again, I apologize.

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