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Last Edited: December 4, 2010, 6:09 pm

DREAMT I was Alice in Wonderland talking to the

HippyQueen of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds and 10 of Diamonds.Hippy

DIAMONDS    GA 627 424   MI 455 000 555 OH 6890

HEART     MI 144 / 411


QH  538 46     QD 611 17  10D 728 14




Now that I have a few minutes, I'm not driving the first 100 miles, here we go!

So I'm in my dream talking to myself saying, "You know you're dreaming right?  I answered yes of course I do!  The only time I can't tell when I'm dreaming is when I'm not talking to myself and answering.  This was odd because I was actually talking to myself in a mirror.  I say to myself, this is odd, something like in Alice in Wonderland.  My reflection says, you are Alice, well not really but for right now, picture yourself as Alice.  Come through the mirror.  I step though the mirror, expecting it to be all green and pretty like in the story books and movies.  It isn't, it looks more like where I live right now.  I begin walking, following a few signs that say 'WALK THIS WAY.'  As I'm walking someone suddlenly apops in behind me and asks, "Are you looking for me?"  I turn around and say, "No, I'm not where'd you come from?  She, The Queen of Hearts, says from where all of us come from.  They said you were smarter that that?"  "They?  What they??  Them and she points to the Queen of Diamonds and the 10 of Diamonds.  How would they know I asked?  They follow you everywhere.  They are the ones who give you the dreams.  Don't you recognize them?  No, I say.  Well you need to take a good look at us, we'll be with you for a very long time. 


Come on, let's go.  We should eat now.  What do you eat I asked.  We eat what ever we like but we particularly like what you like.  You need to get acquainted with us as quickly as possible.  There's not much time to waste said the Queen of Hearts.  The 10 laughs and said, you're beginning to sound like the rabbit with all that I'm late stuff, he turns to me:  the numbers are never late, nor early.  "You just need to realize what time zone you're in and then you'll understand why we don't show up when you think we should." 

Now let's get ready for tea.


I'm really not sure where this dream was going.  I "OVERSTAND" quite a bit of it. But it was so off the wall that it's going to take me a moment to realize all that was going on and try to make sense of the entire process.  Mean while, I'm noticing that the same numbers keep showing up and so I understand about the 10 telling me I'm looking for numbers to show and they don't.  I don't understand the part about what to recognize, so I'll be on a quest for that answer.

When I'm nervous about things is the only time I sit down for tea?

Should I be nervous about what is forthcoming?

It's not in my spirit to be.  So I'm waiting

Now, looking for what should be known.

Wondering if numbers are getting

ready to mirror for a long time

Is this the beginning of me

seeing things for what

they really are?

time will


Entry #172


WILLWRK4NUMBERSComment by WILLWRK4NUMBERS - December 5, 2010, 8:44 am
SPOOKY SOOZY HAS CARD AS 152 I'm going to add a 2 (S) some people have "S" as 7. So, maybe 1527 or 1522, I've been looking for the 152 in the 3 since I dreamt about the little girl named "Honesty." So maybe it'll come before mid December.....

I've got to remember not my time..the Universe time. The 10 of Diamonds told me, Numbers are never early or late....Remembering...

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