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Cutting off a blessing? No, just deflecting


In meditation this morning I heard and saw something that shook my being....


As I went into beta and then into theta this morning, I watched as someone on a blog that I frequent, was sitting down copying numbers off of a page that I had posted on.  This person, then uploads the numbers to another site, answers a phone call and then states:  Yes this morning, I saw the following numbers....If I were you, I'd play these for 7 days."  They then hang up the phone and went about their day.


Sometimes in our lives, when we walk in this earthly presence - you all call a body, we wish to be more than what we're called.  We dream of being something other than our destiny.  Other times, we want to be a blessing to others but don't quite know how, there in lies the problem.  When humans decide to walk outside of their potential, even if for a second, even if it's to help another, they offset the Universe.

What may have been placed in a particular area for those that frequent that space will miss the blessing because someone else offsets the program.  Will those who frequent that space receive the blessing?  Yes, because it was meant for them but the cycle of balance is now off and the Universe ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS restructures the balance.  The UNIVERSE is an AUTO-CORRECTOR.  If you're wanting to be a blessing at the sacrifice of others blessing, I suggest you find another way.  Why?  Well, because 9 times out of 10 you'll cause a blessing and a non-blessing at the same time.  Let's say you give that person a blessing, the person receives the blessing.  You're on your way to an important meeting, one you can't miss nor be late for and now, you can't find your keys....You're not only late you can't find the number to call the person back and when you finally arrived, the person who has been waiting for you an extra 15 mins is upset and not willing to listen...I know you "overstand" what I'm talking about. 

I'm asking that you don't offset the balance any longer.  Please for the blessings of yourself and others....You're cutting off or deflecting your blessing!

Equilibrium is a funny thing it is justice making the spiritual and physical balanced.

It used to be that they thought there were 48 chromosones in apes, now they realize that it's 46

Entry #182


marcieComment by marcie - December 8, 2010, 1:14 am
God is good no Matter What!!

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