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Here we go again


George, I apologized to you about my post, but after reading your blog just now attacking me, I will continue with this, point by point.

1)  You made mention of financial contributions in your original post (that is a FACT)....I've never asked for financial contributions for my free contributions to any forum, of which Lottery Post bars by the way as well as advertising of competitive websites.  It has been an ongoing thing of yours with Bayesoft and others.

2)  I use a spreadsheet to make my selections, not a pencil/paper system and it is a better system than yours and the stats page will prove that.

3)  Your biased matrix providing 8 selections took me 10 minutes to figure out...no back engineering was needed and no "algorithms" were necessary.

4)  Professional jealousy...what a joke.  I'm not a self-proclaimed Ivy Leauger, I'm a blue-collar worker and I dislike bullsh*t intensely.  If you were working 3rd shift in a convenience store, you are no better off than I am.  I make $35/hr as a contractor.....you were making $8.00 (?)  Oh, and take a look at the stats page, you are not doing any better than I am so you can see I don't use your "systems and algorithms" and never will.

5)  Never played your 60/40 system and never will, because using 240 combinations (25% of total combos) does not make sense to me and claiming a victory using that many numbers is meaningless.

6)  Maybe you should renew your prescription for "chill pills" too.

7)  I gave just as much help and free info at Maybell's and Lottery Post as you have and I'm sure members would agree with that.  Your magic approach is not the only trick in the book, so get off your high horse.

Sorry for my frankness, but as I said I dislike bullsh*t intensely and will challenge it at all times.  When you get to the top the stats page, I will give you due credit, but it ain't happening so far.

Entry #2


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