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Pick 4 vs Casino Games


Last Edited: December 17, 2010, 2:49 am

Pick 4
I've won a decent amount playing Pick4 online, as compared to playing it through the state lottery.  The wagers online start as small as $0.25 - $5.00 and the payouts are greater!  My point is, you can cover more bases with small wager amounts but you also win less.  Would you rather win less and lose less or wager big and lose real big?  Again, its a tradeoff between every individial. 

Now what is different with Pick4 and the casino games out there?  Well, obvious answer is, pick4, we dont have total control of how we want to play the hand that is dealt.  What I mean is, the pick4 numbers are computerized or mechanical ball generated, totally beyond our control.  BUT there are patterns that come out, I must admit that!  Going back to the casino games out there, you have a little more control of how you play the hand you're dealt but of course, the amount you wager on casino games are greater than Pick4, I assume. 

Anyways, I have been taking a break from playing pick4 and started playing a game called baccarat.  I've even started an actual baccarat blog about it and the sportsbook I use online even has pick4 as well.  So, usually when I take a break from pick4, I play baccarat and vice versa. If you want screenshots of the wagers I won on pick4, PM me, and I will be glad to show you.

Good luck all!

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