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Last Edited: August 3, 2004, 9:10 pm

First "reception Session" and no numbers, but I am quite mellow ;-)

I am not surprised, as I only just started... I need to experiment with times et al before fine tuning. I guess the best thing for now is to establish a cyclical routine... that would make sense... I concentrated on transmission, and 'let go' for reception, maybe a little concentration is required.

The visual aid is fun, I always get excited when I see the winner is from PA, too bad I was the one who put that text in... for tomorrow, as it stands I have just one pick, the stat pick... that's cool... soonr or later the other pick will show up. rome wasn't built in a day. After awhile of staring at the balls on the page, they start to move around, almost like they are smoke-filled... I wonder if one day the smoke will clear... is that what it will be like or will the reception be far more subtle?

anyone else having any experiences with the visualization concept?

Here's something interesting... an easy experiment you can try to access your own memories...

1. Think of something you knew the answer to a long time ago but can't for the life of you recall now...

2. internally ask yourself the detailed question 3 times

3. forget about it.

every time I tried this, within an hour or 2 the answer just popped into my mind. I don't know why this works, but for me it does... I wonder if somehow THIS could be incorporated. I realize that I was only querying things I once knew, but it was cool to have it work... it's something I learned from my mother about 10 years ago when trying to remember the name of some kid who I went to 2nd grade with... sure enough 1 hour later the name just popped into my head... key I am told is to subsequently forget the question... and for some reason it must be 3 times you ask.

I have also read something about memorization... if you write something down  3 times it sticks with you in short-term memory longer... That was from an old Scientific American article (early 80's). What's with the number 3? it seems to have a common thread in tweaking the subconscious memory banks... They say astral projection is just tapping into the collective subconscious.. could this be a key to repeatable reception? so many questions so few answers.. now THIS is what experimenting is all about... isn't science cool?

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