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Lot's of Repeats have come from these ALL States





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TenajComment by Tenaj - November 14, 2005, 2:07 am
I hear you. Nobody listens when you tell them about the repeat loop. 460 combo fell 4 times throughout the states Friday 3 times and today Nov 13 once. 328 fell 4 times the night before throughout the states. It's significant. The list is endless. I noticed it about 3 weeks ago. E

I don't think people "read the board," with the exception of a few. I've seen in my recorded history where 460 combo fell 3 times in one day and once again the next. 863 was right with it.

Here you are hitting. Nobody is paying attention. My blog is smokin with hits but you have to be an online player and make it work for you.
I post a small amount on pick 3 numbers every week.

If I post 12, eleven will hit that week sometimes over and over and the others soon follow with hits spilling over into the next week. I say it over and over.

I think if people would watch the board they will see the numbers hitting.   

So I enjoy my hitting and put my money in the bank.

Congratulations on your hits. I'm glad somebody is watching the board.
monyComment by mony - November 14, 2005, 3:46 pm
Thanks Tenaj. one more came this afternoon 559BX in MO and its back side in 995 in IL. I'm not online to bet but I am going to be when I get the cash. For now just sharing as much as I can.

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