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Fake Hair and Flippers!


Last Edited: January 12, 2011, 2:49 pm

TV is getting to be a real horror movie these days. With the invention of "Reality TV" too much information isn't necessarily a good thing. OK,OK, I admit getting hooked on "The Hills" a couple of years ago. Very entertaining. But some of these shows are really too much.

My biggest "guilty pleasure" lately has been "Toddlers and Tiaras". This horrifying train-wreck of a show is.....I'm speechless. The awful words to describe it haven't even been invented yet,lol. Parents parading their children around with stars in their eyes for that plastic crown and $1,000 is beyond comprehension to my brain. I can't descibe my disgust for the absolute waste of time and money these people put forth for these pageants....thousands and thousands on entry fees,dresses,coaches,tanning,manicures,professional photos,fake hair and "flippers"...all for that 5 seconds of fame...hoping beyond hope that there's some agent or talent scout in the audience waiting to discover their fantabulously talented beautiful child. Take off the hair and makeup and you got the kid next door being a normal kid like all kids should be allowed to do. These pageant parents should all be arrested...there's just something creepy about dressing your child up like a living "doll" in provacative clothing and shaking their booty in front of everyone and his brother. EWWWWW! I'm probably not helping things by watching this show but it IS a good thing that TV is bringing this God awful atrocity to people's attention. But what can we do to stop it? Probably nothing. This is a billion dollar a year industry. Did you read that right? Yes. A Billion. Unbelivable.

If you watch enough TV you start to realize Americans are very sick people,lol. If they're not exploiting their children then they've probably been hiding in their houses pooping in a plastic bag and piling it up in the closet for the last 10 years . Oh yes,another 3 million people are "Hoarders" I've learned. Well,most of us have a little "hoarding" in us....(Have you taken a look in your closet lately?)...but REAL hoarders go above and beyond the call of duty. Smell anything rotten coming from your next door neighbor's house? It's probably the dead cats rotting and moldy food fermenting. God Bless these folks,this is a mental illness but still....another show that makes your skin crawl....

And now the latest-- "Strange Addiction". And we thought smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol was bad. How about melting your skin off from being addicted to "tanning"? Mothers and Fathers,do you know where your daughter is? Check the laundry room....she might be in there eating laundry soap. And what about your other daughter upstairs....the one that's been suspciously wearing a scarf lately? That's right...you might like to know she's addicted to pulling her hair out and EATING it.

My goodness....what went wrong people? I'm sure most of these afflictions have been going on since the beginning of time but this is the first time we get to witness it up close and personal. 

TV used to be fun. Happy Days,Laverne and Shirley,Gilligan's Island,Brady Bunch,Patridge Family....where are you now? My father considered Three's Company pretty racy in my day,lol,and used to leave the room when it was on while my sister and I sat and chuckled at Jack,Chrissy and Janet. Oh if he could only see what rates as racy now. "Jersey Shore" anyone? LOL. Fights, "shady" people,sex,drugs,alcohol,clubhopping,GTL.

What a situation!

The times you grew up in always seem more innocent than they are now. Years ago we couldn't fathom watching people with piles of stinking garbage in their house or eating Comet. Now it's "let's just air everyone's dirty little secrets". The more foul, the better. And as the years progress...they will get MORE outrageous. We will become a "shockless" society if we aren't already. Nothing will surprise or WOW us anymore. Don't you feel like you've "seen it all" now? Oh..but wait...stay tuned!


Bring back those racy times where the kisses are hers and hers and his....Three Company's too!

Entry #37


Comment by LottoBoner - October 22, 2012, 6:53 am

LOL!! lot of laffs!! i couldn't watch threes company either! I would get a lot of anxiety whenever jack got in trouble! I couldn't take it.

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