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I have  been asked "What do you know and how do you know it?" What is the difference between my psychic experiences and my dream life. Huge difference. Psychically, information is communicated in sentence form and is from mostly familiar people.  My dad speaks to me in my left ear and appears in front of me. Clear as day.Voices are extremely familiar, just as they were before departure.  Images are much more vivid as color plays a huge part in the tone of the conversation. I do not have to speak aloud to them because they seem to be able to understand me just as well. When I visited the grave of my great grandmother, she spoke in a voice not recognizable to me but I somehow knew to be hers. And lately 2 girls named Claudia and Danielle want me to relay their message to someone else. Im not sure what to do with that but as they keep coming to me every so often Ill probably get more info from them.


My dream life is just like yours. Broken images and fragmented info. And the occasional visit from George Harrison circa 1966. But Im not complaining. Talking is also oddly broken pieces. And if I can remember it in the morning, its harder to put together.

Am I Edgar Cayce? No way. Can I read your future? Probably not. Marian Apparitions? No. Card reader ? Nah. Just like you , I am someone who loved and lost and lived another day  to  experience the gift that is now upon me and reflects on my sons.

Like a kaleidoscope,  we see things differently, things that are unique only to self.  Are you one of us?

61658 - this was on the back of a gold coin my dad gave me. Good luck All.

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