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A Global Pick2 or Global Virginia Cash5 For Fat People who Work can Continue Exercising...


Last Edited: January 23, 2011, 3:01 pm

There needs to be a Global Pick2 or Global Virginia Cash5 or DC-5 whose revenue goes to pay the last hour or last 2 hours that obese people work...What it does is that,

lets say someone gets paid, $8 dollars an hour and that person is fat...Well this lottery covers, 2 hours daily of that person and someone clocks in who is skinny for that person...Those 2 hours the person is require to exercise, he/she will exercise everyday for 2 hours the fat person will get paid for it, and so will the skinny person that takes over...This helps fight obesity and provides part time jobs...kill 2 birds with 1 stone...

and it will happen everyday...If you can make cars or part of the Forex work in a similar way it will be spectacular....I SAID A PART OF THE FOREX NOT THE ENTIRE FOREX...

We can also make part of the forex and elderly competition market, PART OF THE FOREX NOT THE ENTIRE FOREX....

YOU KNOW SOMETHING ELSE????Milk should be the next water, cow milk should be the next water...A cow is worth more for its milk than its meat...

also you have to make it, globally, illegal for someone to earn more than, $5 Billion dollars...If that person makes more than, $5 billion dolllars the money is consficated and donated to charity or make several $100 Million dollars millionaires if you want them to be branches of the, $5 Billion dollar king is perfect is for the healthcare of this planet...

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