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Murtha's Grandstanding



"The Murtha of All Morons"

"John Murtha Urged Iraq Pullout Last Year

The press is pretending that Rep. John Murtha had been a longtime, staunch supporter of the Iraq war right up until yesterday's "shocking reversal," when the Pennsylvania Democrat abruptly called for an immediate U.S. pull out.

In fact, Murtha began advocating a cut-and-run strategy way back in May 2004 - after U.S. forces had been in Iraq just a little more than a year.

Standing at the time next to San Francisco-based House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi - who was last seen defending her city's decision to ban military recruiters from public school property - the allegedly pro-war Murtha proclaimed that the Iraq war was "unwinnable."

"We have to either mobilize or get out [and] I don't know that we have the will to mobilize," he declared 18 months ago.

 Peacenik Pelosi was delighted at the time - showing off her new catch as if Murtha was a prize-winning poodle.

"He is one of the most recognized experts on defense in the country," she boasted. "And no one has worked harder to meet the needs of our troops."

Of course, one of the troops' most compelling needs is support of their mission on the home front.

And Murtha very publicly yanked his support a long time ago.


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Comment by Greg - November 18, 2005, 10:12 pm
He didn't yank his support for the troops.

He yanked his support for the so called leaders who PUT the troops there. Do not confuse the two.

We went to Iraq because Saddam tried a while back to assassinate the first Mr. Bush. That's the psychological reason for the war. Still no link between Osama and Saddam. Still no weapons of mass destruction. Still 2000 soldiers dead and counting.

The war was wrong then; it is wrong now. "How many deaths will it take 'til he knows that too many people have died?"

Mr. Murtha knows. So do I, and a bunch of other patriotic Americans.
konaneComment by konane - November 18, 2005, 10:23 pm
Read my articles then tell me why we went to Iraq.

He, Clinton and ALL the Democrats had the same information that President Bush had and THE MAJORITY OF DEMS SAID THE SAME THING THAT SADDAM HAD WMD'S AND POSED A THREAT TO THE US.

No connection to al Qaeda? Been doing any reading on well researched sites..... seems NOT.

Stop trying to rewrite history ..... it's in print or video all over the internet. Perhaps in the 80's it would have worked but not today, not with blogs sinking the re-education machine known as the MSM.
Comment by Greg - November 18, 2005, 10:55 pm
Don't twist my words. There is NO link between Osama and Saddam. Period.

What's "in print and on the internet" is not necessarily true, once you filter out the disinformation and misinformation out there. Just like what is in the newspaper does not on the face of it make it truth-- simply because it is printed.

Thomas Merton said "The root of all war is fear". Pres. Bush gave in to that fear and invaded. He had other options. His basis (or bases) for the decision were not sound. I don't judge him; I'll leave it to God to judge him (and me and everyone else) as well. But I judge his decisions, his behavior. I have a right to, as does Mr. Murtha.

As for the "same information" that Pres. Bush and Clinton and others allegedly "had", obviously it was not definitive, just like lottery systems that people sell are not definitive. They gambled (and how tragically) on that it was LIKELY that Saddam had those weapons of mass destruction. To this day, there are no photographs or other proof of those weapons. Period. What made them believe or reason it was LIKELY? Nobody can answer that or is choosing to answer that.

Look, I make mistakes every day. The war was and continues to be a mistake. It's time to end it. Many patriotic Americans believe that. Whatever our reasons were for getting into the war, it is time to end it and redistribute our valuable military resources/personnel to where they can best fortify and protect America's vital interests. Iraq is not that place.

konaneComment by konane - November 18, 2005, 11:45 pm
Read my posts by reputable WELL RESEARCHED AND DOCUMENTED articles linked to sites for verification if you care to ferret out the truth.   

Since al Qaeda intended to use Iraq as the heart of their Islamic empire, and all Islamafascists are hell bent hair on fire to dominate the entire earth with their perverted dogma ........ then establishing a democratically elected representative republic in Iraq is PERFECT.

There are other Middle East nations whose citizens want the same freedoms so this will probably set up a domino effect in that area.

The left's principle objection to this model is that it is not a socialist empire and anything which is not socialist is simply not acceptable.

France's WAS the "perfect" model of an APPEASING CUT AND RUN SOCIALIST NATION and is going down in flames. It's a good lesson that the left should note.

It takes a person with guts and vision to make a correct decision based upon intelligence accepted by all, commit, preserver in adversity, and continue through the ugly part to completion. President Bush has proven himself to be such a person.

The vast majority of Democrats have morphed into gutless wonders who stand for nothing, who wimp out when things get a little tough and have proven themselves not capable of governing anyone but sheeple.   

Dems only noticeable successes are PANDERING TO TERRORISTS THROUGH WORD AND DEED. That's coming through loud and clear as party policy.

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