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Simple Plan: Beat the PA Mid-Day


I feel the need to get back into an Excel-based system for dealing with the PA Mid-Day drawings...
I don't play them, and don't plan on it unless backtesting shows success, but I am more interested in seeing if any of my rusty VB skills can be carried over into Excel's built-in VBA (something I can trudge through, but not fluently).

Simple Plan

Objective... Beat the PA mid-day computerized pick3/pick4, not talking reducing number pools or trapping, but really beating them at their own game using seed manipulation and some keen observation and testing to "synchronize" (props to GURU for the original idea) the Excel RNG with PA's RNG.

1.) Use ONLY Excel, since that is something more readily available should this become a group project. (any hardy souls with either excel2000 or excel2002 (XP) feel free to jump right in)
2.) HEAVILY documented VBA code. (proper comments and descriptive component names)
3.) Try and document every possible scenario (RNG a 3/4 digit number in one shot vs. RNG 1 number 3/4 times with a shift in the time as the seed modifier)

Entry #74


hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - November 20, 2005, 1:39 pm
Why the PA Mid-day? because I question it's integrity. RNG is used THEN they enter it into an animation program that they use to visualize the draw when you click on "view midday draw
" on their site... 2 separate steps... RNG process starts at approx. 1:10pm results not until 1:35 pm... 25 minutes to use an RNG? how about 25 minutes to use an RNG, check it against the list of heavily played numbers from their terminals and limit their payouts by entering whatever they like in the animation program. could happen... maybe not but they open the door to question it.

I don't like computer draws, signed Todd's petition and do not give them $$$ by playing them. Given all things equal, RNG should be easier to synchronize than a ball machine.

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