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Tell the USA & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: February 7, 2011, 1:05 pm

Tell the USA, That if the USA was the greatest country in the world, it would create the Fitness Army and Fitness Army Bases at least for Women...

Canada it goes to you too, Russia you too...


i dont know if this is a good idea but we should never stop ruling out an idea...What if we take, drugs addicts and we tell them: we will give you drugs if you sleep with elderly people as an elderly gigolo....Just trying to help...


GUYS REMEMBER WHEN I SAID that look at your name and what it means, many people will try to harm you because of your name, some people will make pr around your name so people will make PR to the extreme level because of your name...well guess what???it also has to do with the way you look...look at the way you look...i think someone out there is a collectionist, not just 1 person but lots of people...There is something you should know...the way you look in the MIRROR AND THE WAY PEOPLE VIEW YOU IS DIFFERENT IS 2 TYPES OF MIRRORS...SO CHECK THE WAY YOU LOOK....dont check with males only check with females also for they are 2 types of mirrors also...people will harm you or make PR too extreme because of the way you look...you might not know you might say:OH i get that a lot without knowing that an entire state wants to kidnapped you....people will give you diseases there is people out there too ahead in biology/medicine more ahead than the world´s top doctors/biologists...i sometimes have my restraints about gay people of what they can know...

look sometimes you might be the hottest chick of a county and all the males of that county/city might be fighting you over and some will harm you not because they hate you but because there is too much war over you and the mentality is, well if everyone is fighting over her/him, nobody will have him/her, lets make them the transition to the other side to her if you know what i mean.....

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Comment by pumpi76 - February 8, 2011, 12:12 am
and the elderly pays a small fine, $5 per encounter that is use for detoxification of the drug addicts gigolo....
Comment by louise black - February 8, 2011, 6:28 am

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