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Rewritten version of Vtracs method


Lots of people .. mostly new are still interested in learning the vtracs..  I am going to try to explain this in the easiest way possible..

First : What you need...

Composition book... or any type chart to use to chart states and their draws..

if you playing only one state.. it is a must to watch other states as well.  (this will take some time to learn.. lots of it)

Results.. You will need a couple months of results for states..

I have grouped  TN/Ga/Ky/IL/IN/TX/CA together.. *made the most with these.. but others will do until you learn the process...


Line up the results for each month in a column for midday/evening for those states that have both..

EXample of my November 05 page

        TN          KY            KY              GA        GA          TX          TX

1.  739        544          329            236        126          365        212

2.  306        310           173            804        542          042        080

3.  353        317          734            626        158          177        665

4.    112        985          147            052        163           535        467

5.    273        889        599            347        325          138        337


get the point.. When you line these up for the past few months.. you will start seeing patterns

within the states..  These 4 especially..  Note how  TX got 212.. then later TN got 112?

Notice how TN got 353  and then TX got 535?  You will see lots of it as you go..

What I did was go back to November of 04 and charted each draw.. This took lots of time.. but has

helped me like nothing else..  I look to see what fell in other states during the week.. Then go back and see what fell on the same day of the month previous.. and then back a year to see what fell..

Cycles.. you find the numbers coming in cycles.. (BA works along with this... when he posts pairs..)

If you up grade your membership.. the search drawing state will also help you with which states should be grouped together on your pages..

For instance if you are mainly a SC only player.. Type in the numbers SC got this month and see which states had it within a day or so before landing in SC.. Then those would be your target states. Even though you do not play online, nor play those states.. it is a MUST to see where SC gets its numbers.

 Once you have done this research.. Take your results and get another composition book.. I call this my vtracs book.. It is like a little lotto bible to me.. however the results change daily.. patterns are there..

When using this book, I look to see where the double vtracs fall and repeat them in that state and their sister states in the book .. These will repeat.. 

If I see a 122 or 112... 113.. 133 vtrac fall in several states.. I know vtrac 123 will soon start falling...

I use to keep up with this for everyone on the forum and did all the work.. (some were negative about me taking up too much forum posting the what to look for) 


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