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Happy Thanksgiving (and CAD system update)


Happy Thanksgiving all!

CAD chart that had the error is now 100% fixed and has the draw connector lines in place. Trig formulas to capture the line length data and angular measurements draw-to-draw are also complete.

Now, what can I do with that data? Still pondering the possibilities... remembering that this is ONLY PB data (no white ball system yet). it's a 1:42 game at this point.

considering that I am still looking primarily outside the boxhere are some scenarios/ideas for further development...

1. 3 draws form a triangle (drawA to drawB is a line, drawB to drawC is a line and the third line comes from connecting drawA to drawC), therefore triangles must be categorized, for example isosceles, scalene, right...

2. center points can be calculated for triangles, this needs to be done, and those centers need to be connected. this needs to get on the spreadsheet.

3. sweep angles need to be examined to check for any patterns.

4. a list of posible fits need to be extracted using the line from the last 2 draws... then the third point should be (hopefully) a number that can be solved for and resolved into a playable number (by grid position)

this triangle pattern thing should overcome the problem with straight number announcers never announcing the same thing. Even if at first only 5 or so possible triangle patterns emerge, as long as they contain the winners then further refinement can be made.

I now have the easy stuff done and now is when the math gets funky, so further development will be slow and backtest algorithms need to be worked out at each step (rather than after the fact, which was always my downfall)

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