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Excel vs. the PA Mid Day


Plans finalizing for the excel RNG synch project...

1). 4 identical workbooks will be maintained, one that generates ONE 3 digit pick, one that generates a sequence of 3 one digit picks, one that generates ONE 4 digit pick and finally, one that generates a sequence of 4 one digit picks.

2.) sequence of events/experiments...

>>>> A.) Backsolving for the common seeds using past draw history.

>>>>B.) Generating picks with the seed results of backsolving. "paper play" the results for a week without betting.

>>>>C.) Live Bet tests. $14 is set aside for a full week test of $1 bets on the one pick per day for the mid-day games.

>>>>D.) 30 day accuracy tracking. IF the $14 nets a profit, then this will also be a live-bet test... otherwise just on paper... TOTAL out of pocket budget is $14.

>>>>E.) Operation Roll-Out. IF the 30-day test results in better than average hit ratio, I start posting my picks on the LP. IF I hit even once during any phase of testing (all straight bets, even one 3-digit hit is $500) I am going to pick up an LP platinum membership!

If the backsolving fails, so does the system and the $14 can go instead to PB and the rest of the events won't happen. regardless of the accuracy, anything better than average will get posts to the LP... why? to send the message to the multi-state games that they better NEVER even consider going to an RNG for number selection.

IF you see a pick from me in the 3/4 predictions page, then you know the game is on. IF you see my membership upgraded to platinum, then you know the pre-tests are going good.

Also, I will be documenting the steps... IF it works in PA, the files will be zipped up along with instructions for carrying out the same experiment in ALL states that dare to RNG and distributed FREELY to whoever wants them... but only IF it works... it may never get past backsolving.

I have already written a letter to PA asking that they use ball machines for the midday, no response... I bet THIS will get their attention... IF it works.

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