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Triple coming?!!?


Well for Ohio it looks like a triple should be here soon..actually there have been many indicators {the lottery bible followers) should have it already.

its been 98 draws since a triple hit (555)..its also been since 12/1/2005 since 888 has hit..

888 looks promising in many workouts lately..I really thought 999 would hit last evening but 993 came instead! 777 and 111 are also strong favs to hit this month,

There is a history of triples hitting in the month of March...
with 222 hitiing on march 25th 2009
with 000 hitiing on march 4th 2005
with 444 hitiing march 1st 2004
with 555 hiting march 4th 2002
with 777 hiting march 24th 2001
with 777 hiting march 9th 2000

so march can be a triple month! there is a new moon coming in two days..that may help pull in that triple!

My money is on 888-111-777-333 and then .50 cent on all others..
When triples strat hiting other states this week hopefully, then I will up the ante to $5-10 a number...my goal to hit 5,000 on a triple...yes it costs money to make money!


Entry #31


WILLWRK4NUMBERSComment by WILLWRK4NUMBERS - March 12, 2011, 3:00 pm
Good post. I was up this morning seasoning my gift (long story). Any way, I went about my every day tasks and thought, I should consult the universe for motivation. I meditated, placed my cards on the table and what to my wondering eye should appear? 7's.
I looked to see what had been posted on the blog so I could respond to anyone and decided to look at your blog and what do you know? We're vibrating in the same celestial overflow.

Ok, I won't continue, I know some times I can get looong winded. Anyway, I said all that to say the 7 family is all over me right now.

FOR those who follow one ONEDAY, one day, you'll hit big and today just might be your day!
Thank you ONEDAY for sharing....

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